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Happy October! Don't miss the release of my short story POSITIVE ENCOUNTER!
Scary Me!
Hallows Madness 2012!

This is my absolute FAVORITE month of the year, which ends on my favorite holiday! So the Hallows Madness Celebration is the perfect opportunity to celebrate on my blog! I have tons of fun planned, including themed blog posts about favorite horror movies and shows, interviews with my characters, free short stories, and more!
Positive Encounter Cover
And to start things off, I'm celebrating the re-release of my short vampire Romance, POSITIVE ENCOUNTER!

The newest fad for the discerning thrill-seeker is "Positive Encounters" -- being bitten by a vampire in an elegantly controlled environment. If everyone follows a strict set of rules called The Encounter Commandments, the client gets a thrill, and the vampire gets an easy meal. But when a lonely wallflower client and her host break the rules, all bets are off.

Lonely wallflower Winnie Mulligan isn't much for thrills. But when she overhears the girls at work raving about Positive Encounters, her curiosity is piqued. The safe, controlled environment Positive Encounters provides for its clients seems the perfect opportunity to really step out of her comfort zone without putting herself at too much risk.

Briggs Aubrey has been a slave of Positive Encounters since its inception -- the only way he can assuage his hunger without hurting anyone, the only way he can ease his guilt for what he did to the owner during her human life. He's gone numb from the disconnection from his nature, from the world, and barely survives on automatic pilot.

But when Winnie and Briggs are driven to break all the rules during an Encounter, anything could happen.

Positive Encounter -- Fell the Bite!

To celebrate the new release AND my favorite time of year, I'm offering a coupon for 50% POSITIVE ENCOUNTER from now until November 2! Just enter the savings code CJ49U (not case-sensitive) at checkout, and they're all yours!

Stay tuned for more Hallows-themed stories, games, and all kinds of other fun throughout the month!

And the Winner is...
Scary Me!
Before I announce the winner of the 18 and Over Blog Hop package, I want to say THANK YOU to all the awesome people who stopped by to enter and chat about why we love paranormal fiction so much. I'll be taking that information and writing a blog post about it in the near future, because you guys really gave me some food for thought!

Also, I'd like to thank Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Gabrielle Bissett once again for sponsoring the event!

And now, may I have a drum roll please? The winner of a copy of my novels THE VEIL and THE VEIL II: OTHERWORLD, and a $10 OmniBucks Gift Certificate from All Romance Ebooks is:

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Congratulations, Renee! Keep a look out in your mailbox for your prizes!

If you didn't win a prize this time, fear not, there's a bunch of other hops just around the corner -- you can see the graphics along the right hand side!

And what about our favorite vampires? Well, the answers there were so varied, that most of the choices were pretty close. But guess who won overall?
Eric Northman
Tha Winnahhhhh by knockout! Meow!

The delicious ERIC NORTHMAN from The Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood with 25% of the votes! (5 votes, but still...)

Angel and Spike got 3 votes each (15% per)
Edward Cullen got 2 votes (10%)
Modern Dracula (ala Gerard Butler) got 1 vote (5%)
Damon Salvatore got 1 vote (5%)
Lestat DeLioncourt got 1 vote (5%)
Selene from Underworld got 1 vote -- Girl Vamp Power! (5%)
Ivy from The Hallows got 1 vote (5%)
Pam the Awesome! got 1 vote (5%)
For the "Other" response, we got:
1 vote for the sexy vampires of The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward!

I think this would be a really interesting study too that I might follow up on in the future. I'm most curious to find out why a particular vampire is a reader's favorite? Maybe I'll do a giveaway/discussion thingy at some point to spark some conversation about this.

Don't miss the 18 and Over Paranormal Blog Hop for Some Fun, Naughty Giveaways!
Scary Me!
Bitten by Paranormal Romance & Gabrielle Bisset 18 & Over Giveaway Hop

Many thanks to Bitten by Paranormal Romance and the amazing Gabrielle Bisset for sponsoring this awesome event!

Before the fun begins, a note about what a "Blog Hop" is for people, like me, who are doing this for the first time. Blog Hop Virgins! The purpose of a Hop is 1. to expose a whole bunch of awesome writers to as many great new readers as possible, and 2. win a ton of awesome free schwag along the way! Once you enter the contest for a blog's giveaway, you either follow the link at the bottom of the page to the next blog, or follow the link to the complete list at Bitten By Paranormal Romance and choose the next blog that way.

It's like following a trail of smutty paranormal breadcrumbs. Yum. And you ain't gonna find Hansel and Gretel along the way... unless they have fangs or sprout fur on the full moon or otherwise go bump in the night.

I'll be giving away a great Goodie Bag! for those who come and play:

* For this stop on the 18 and Over Giveaway Blog Hop, I'll be giving away a big package -- ehem -- to one lucky winner:

1. A copy of my novel THE VEIL

2. A copy of my novel THE VEIL II: OTHERWORLD

3. A $10 OmniBucks Gift Certificate for All Romance eBooks so you can pick a third book of your own!

The Blog Hop starts at Midnight tonight -- September 13, and runs until midnight on the 16th. Please stop by Bloodthirsty Muses   and indulge in a little grown up paranormal fun!

Scary Me!
Which, thinking about it, shouting really doesn't keep it all that SOOPER SEKRIT anymore, does it? Well, I'm certainly not going to hide the existence of the story or the pseudonym it has given birth to, but I'd like to keep them mostly separate for brand reasons. I don't want my friends to buy a book with H.A. Fowler on it, expecting my Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance stories of the "standard" issue... and end up with much darker, kinkier stuff that they didn't bargain for.

On the other hand, for those of you who read my "standard" books that I know have a kinkier side... you'll know about this as well. Some of my friends from my fanfic days may remember that I enjoyed a bit of darkfic, BDSM, etc. when it came to my writing... well, I'm letting that side out in my original stuff too. What better time to do it, when 50 Shades of Blech has opened the door? Might as well take advantage of it, right? :D

Now all the editing and promo stuff starts. I also need to give my new alter ego a more visible presence on the internet. I'll keep you informed with further details!

I wunned! I wunned!
Scary Me!
Heh. My addiction to LOLCats is showing there.

Anyway, I WON CAMP NANO! W00t! Actually, I think I wrote a whole lot more than 50,000 words, but I didn't take the time to count them all. And we know I was in it for the graphic anyway, so... *drum roll*

Other writing related things: I set up my author page today! Please stop by and like me (heh, that's not sad or anything) and feel free to share on FB and TWitter.

The winners of the SWORD OF REGRET GIVEAWAY!
Scary Me!
Due to some weird glitch in the list randomizer, I ended up with THREE winners, one from each: Twitter, Facebook, and The Bloodthirsty Muses Newsletter!

And the winners of one copy of SWORD OF REGRET, and one pre-release copy of POSITIVE ENCOUNTER are:

Twitter: @Lynnerk
Facebook: Andrea Neblitt
Mailing List: jenholt2779

Congratulations to the three of you, and THANKS to everyone who entered! If you didn't win, SWORD OF REGRET is still available for sale at Freya's Bower, and I expect POSITIVE ENCOUNTER to be published around October 1, 2012!

It's not too late to enter the SWORD OF REGRET GIVEAWAY! Ends 5:00 p.m. EST Today!
Scary Me!
Sword of Regret by H.A. Fowler

There's still time to enter to win a free copy of SWORD OF REGRET, along with a pre-release copy of my upcoming short erotic vampire story POSITIVE ENCOUNTER!

To help promote SWORD OF REGRET, I’ll be giving away TWO copies at 5:00 p.m. EST today, Friday, August 24, 2012. One copy will go to 1.) a randomly selected person who signs up for the new mailing list, and 2.) the other will be for anyone who shares the release news on Facebook or Twitter by liking or sharing posts about the release or the contest!

Thank you to those who have participated so far! You're the best!

Don't miss the chance for three steamy vampire shorts to celebrate the end of summer!

I will announce the winners here, and to them directly by the method which they entered.

Camp NaNo Day 21!
Scary Me!
(I decided to give up doing the separate Camp NaNo math. It is what day it is.)

LOL Guess what? I WON CAMP NANO! I had a feeling that all the work I'd been doing since I last updated might have taken me over the line, and I was right. W00t! Now all I have to do is type more of it so I can enter it in the NaNo machine.


I can't wait to get my graphic! *G*

SO -- there's a new goal: Finish the first draft of THE NEW MYSTERIOUS KINKY STORY (to nom de plume or not to pseudonym...) by Sunday the 26, See if I can find a beta reader to take a look at it (comment here or drop me an email at hafowler at gmail dot com for details if you're interested), then finish the FINAL draft by August 31 for submission to Cobblestone Press on the 1st. Wish me luck!

Announcing the Re-Release of SWORD OF REGRET! Hot Vampire Shorts for Adults Only!
Scary Me!
Sword of Regret by H.A. Fowler What if there was an artifact that could rekindle the conscience of a killer? When a vicious vampire and a ruthless vampire hunter touch just such an artifact in these two dark erotic tales, the relationships between humans and immortals could be changed... forever.

Ellie McBride of Romance News says, "Sword of Regret, part of Freya's Bower's BITES line, is an amazing accomplishment in surgical, focused, well controlled writing... Wonderfully done by Ms. Fowler, this pairing has Romance News hungry for more vampy bites from this author.


Currently, SWORD OF REGRET is only for sale in .PDB and .HTML format, but will be available in other popular formats shortly.

I've just started a mailing list with Yahoo Groups to keep people updated by email who don't want to get all tangled up in my daily ramblings! To help promote SWORD OF REGRET, I'll be giving away TWO copies one week from today, Friday, August 24, 2012. One copy will go to 1.) a randomly selected person who signs up for the new mailing list, and 2.) the other will be for anyone who shares the release news on Facebook or Twitter!

And just to sweeten the deal (I hope) I'll be giving away a PRE-RELEASE copy of the short story POSITIVE ENCOUNTER to each winner!

Camp NaNo Day 12 (Officially 15)
Scary Me!
3740 Words today. W00t!

I can't believe I'm almost done! If only the book was going to be done at the same time. LOL. Well, at least I'll get my winner graphic. *G*


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