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Camp NaNo Day 21!
Scary Me!
(I decided to give up doing the separate Camp NaNo math. It is what day it is.)

LOL Guess what? I WON CAMP NANO! I had a feeling that all the work I'd been doing since I last updated might have taken me over the line, and I was right. W00t! Now all I have to do is type more of it so I can enter it in the NaNo machine.


I can't wait to get my graphic! *G*

SO -- there's a new goal: Finish the first draft of THE NEW MYSTERIOUS KINKY STORY (to nom de plume or not to pseudonym...) by Sunday the 26, See if I can find a beta reader to take a look at it (comment here or drop me an email at hafowler at gmail dot com for details if you're interested), then finish the FINAL draft by August 31 for submission to Cobblestone Press on the 1st. Wish me luck!


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