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A Thousand Kisses for Bloodthirsty Muses

The Writings of H.A. Fowler

Heather A. Fowler
27 April 1970
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Home of writer H.A. Fowler. Specializing in dark fantasy, paranormal romance, horror and erotica. Writing exercises, publishing news, bits and blurbs from my original fiction. Notes regarding the annual National Novel Writing Month projects, second swing at college -- anything and everything pertaining to my professional career.

The material contained in this site may be adult in nature, including graphic sexuality, violence (esp. vampire violence), language, and other adult themes, and is not to be viewed by readers under 18 years of age, or the age of consent in their area. By entering this site and asking to be added, you are certifying that you meet the age criteria for viewing adult material in your area.

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